2015 is halfway over…

pull-upThe first half of 2015 is in the books and the second half has already kicked off. For those of you who were with us last December, we asked you to come up with three goals that we could help you work towards achieving, and we promised we would hold you accountable to these goals.

Now that we are just over halfway through the year, it’s time to check in with your goals. How many of your goals have you crossed off the list? How close are you to achieving these goals? How many of you forgot about them completely? Shame on you if you did, but it’s not too late!

No matter where you are with your goals, there is still plenty of time to get there. But the work needs to start now, if it hasn’t already!

For those of you who are new to TwinTown and want to get in on the action, let us know the one most meaningful goal that we can help you reach before the end of 2015, and we will help you get there!

As coaches, our doors are always open and we love helping you get better at whatever means the most to you. Hit us up, yo!

Below are the goals that you submitted to us earlier this year, in case you need a refresher. Now go out there and get it!

2015 Member Goals

Alex Tripp

1) Achieve a bar or ring muscle-up
2) Freestanding handstand/15 foot handstand walk
3) Pistols with both legs

Kristin Gray

1) Strict Pull-Up
2) 50 consecutive double unders
3) Snatch/squat with correct form

Paul Bernstein

1) One rep bar muscle-up
2) Under 5:00 baseline
3) 4:00 1 km row

Anne Carlson

1) Shoulder press-80 pounds
2) 10 Wall walks to wall/15 hollow rocks not modified
3) Run 1/10K in 2015

Emily Nicolai

1)  Murph Rx.
2)  Two strict pull-ups in a row. I can do zero now
3) Body weight clean and jerk. (145)

Morris Stockberger

1) 5 strict pull-ups
2) 20 consecutive double unders
3) 15 kipping pull-ups

Carla Pavone

1) 5 perfect overhead squats with 35 lb bar
2) 10 push-ups using only 1 ab mat
3) Duckwalks from true squat

Cathy Dunaway

1) Unassisted pull-ups – no bands
2) Perfect push-ups – no ab mats
3) Drop 5 more points of body fat

Marc Andrew

1) Avoid back injury. Lift safe.
2) One muscle-up.
3) Everytime I stand up at my office alternate between 5 strict presses and 5 push-ups

Abby Stoddard

1) RX Murph
2)  1.5 body weight back squat
3) Complete flight simulator Rx

 Lauren Manix

1) Be able to do one strict pull-up
2) Back squat 220 lbs
3) Do 10 double unders in a row

Josh Peterson

1) 135 lb strict press
2) 50 consecutive butterfly pull-ups
3) Sub 5:30 mile run

Molly Schull

1) Do a muscle-up
2) Learn how to do butterfly kip pull-ups
3) Snatch 105 pounds with beautiful technique

Nate Larsen

1) Strict hand-stand push-ups
2) Muscle-ups
3) 25 consecutive double unders

Katie Kaufmann

1) 15 V-ups by the end of the year & hold a plank for 3 min
2) 5 consecutive double unders
3) 3 strict pull-ups

Kate Pearson

1) Strict pull-up
2) Chest vertical air squat
3) 7:24 2k row
4) Sub 3hr Half Marathon

Jason Mussetter

1) Use all my classes each month and add a 3rd class to each week
2) Be able to do pull-ups
3) Lose 15 pounds

Henok Tekle

1) 185 lb snatch & 225 lb clean
2)Realize major strides in bodyweight exercises- I’d like to be able to get 10-15 pull-ups in one set.  10 burpees per minute for as long as I can go.  3 Muscle-ups (can’t do even one atm).  Handstand walks (I can do a wall walk now).
3) Increase my mobility by attending yoga

Sopheak Srun

1) Be able to do 15 strict pull-ups in one set.
2) Be able to do a hand-stand (not against the wall).
3) Be able to clean my body weight.

Tom Lahey

1) String together at least 10 consecutive kipping pull-ups
2) String together at least 15 consecutive double-unders
3) Back squat 1.25x body weight (approx 185#, current max 145)

David Koontz

1) 10 consecutive good v-ups
2) 1 strict pull-up
3) 10 chest-to-deck push-ups

Hector Mesa

1) Increase 1 cm of arm girth
2) Increase 1 cm of thigh and calf girth
3) Decrease 2 cm of waist girth

Anna Kerr

1) 10 consecutive kipping pull-ups
2) 50 consecutive chest-to-deck push-ups
3) Bench press my body weight

Rob Williams

1) 5 double unders
2) 325 lb deadlift
3) 1 Pistol

Liz Monsoor

1) Muscle-ups
2) 10 unbroken strict pull-ups
3) Finish Fran under 7 min

Paul Dworak

1) Double Unders: 20 unbroken
2) Kipping Pull-Ups: 20 unbroken
3) Toes-to-Bar: 20 unbroken

Nate Perbix

1) Muscle-up
2) 50 consecutive double unders
3) Oly lifts (snatch, cleans etc.)

Debra Glassman

1) Drop the 14lbs of extra fat that I have put on in the past 1.5 years – goal is 120 (or less)
2) 2 strict pull-ups (with a short rest between)
3) Increase my 1rep back squat by 10# to 135#

Dave Backstrom

1)    Lose 5% body fat or 10 pounds
2)    Do a muscle-up
3)    Learn butterfly pull-ups

Alicia Seewald

1) 5 consecutive, unassisted pull-ups
2) Full v-ups instead of subbing w/tuck-ups
3) Work on back bend/arm balance poses in yoga with the ultimate goal of scorpion

Scott Pollack

1) Pass the dumbbell push and pull for foundations screen
2) One unassisted dead hang pull-up
3) 10 consecutive double unders

Shane Christensen

1) 200lbs Snatch
2) 50ft Handstand Walk
3) 5+ Consecutive Muscle-Ups

Dan Lescarbeau

1) Strict paleo for a whole month without cheating
2) Get down to 210 lbs by may 15th, 2015 (my birthday)
3) Muscle-up by may 15th

 Jess Daniels

1) Be able to do a handstand walk 1/2 the length of the gym (I can walk about 2 feet now)
2) Learn how to do kipping pull-ups
3) String together 4 double unders (I can only do 2 as of now)

Kim Gallant

1) Get at least 8hrs of sleep and do 10 mins of mobility 5 days a week
2) Drink a gallon of water every day
3) 1 strict pull-up

Rachel Holman

1) 10 push-ups to the floor
2) 1 pull-up with no assistance
3) Pass the foundations test

Larry Shaw

1) Multiple unbroken double unders – [10]
2) Kipping Pull-ups – 5 unbroken
3) Clean and Jerk – 210lbs

Chase Anderson

1) Achieve and maintain ≤17% body fat (I have a FitBit scale). Currently at 25% (NOT GOOD).
2) ≥12 consecutive pull-ups without bands and proper form.
3) Be physically able to do ≥25 consecutive Russian twists without resting feet on ground.

Owen Murphy

1) Do 15 consecutive pull-ups
2) Row 2000M in under 8 minutes
3) Strict shoulder press 140lbs

Matt Smith

1) Do a muscle-up
2) Do Memorial Day “Murph” at Rx (no weight vest yet) in under 1 hour:
3) Learn double-unders

Ryan Goeken

1) Double-unders: String together 50 (so I can do Flight Simulator)
2) Snatch: 125lb
3) Pistols: 5 on each leg without a ball/box

Hieu Nguyen

1)Achieve 1 Muscle-up
2)Achieve 1 freestanding push-up
3)10 unbroken kipping pull-ups

Stephanie Allen

1) Lose 3 dress sizes.
2) Workout 3x per week without fail
3) Be able to do 50 push-ups in 3 min.

Elena Erofeeva

1) Unassisted strict pull-up
2) Deadlift bodyweight and more
3) Reach BTWB Fitness Level 30

Brett Burgstahler

1) Snatch 75% of clean and jerk 1 RM- Goal=150# Snatch
2) Clean and jerk over 200
3) Do a muscle-up

Melissa Sayabout

1) 1 strict pull-up
2) 5 consecutive double unders
3) 10 consecutive push-ups

Oksana Bohn

1) 5 strict pull-ups by the end of 2015
2) String together 10 double unders
3) Being able to do a free-standing hand stand

Eliz Trembley

1)    10 consecutive chest to deck push-ups
2)    1 strict pull-up
3)    Sub 7:30 2K before rowing season (April/May)

Liz Mann

1) Do push-ups without ab mats (10)
2) Master double unders… Or at least do 10 unbroken in a row
3) Do 3 unbroken pull-ups- no bands