Attitude is Everything


In 2005, a friend gave me a CD to listen to from Success Magazine, which featured Paul J. Meyer. This was the first time I had heard of Success Magazine and Paul J. Meyer, but it was something that I will remember forever.

The topic of his discussion was, “Attitude is Everything.”

Over the past ten years I have repeated this simple phrase in my head thousands of times. It, along with others, gives me strength I need to get through a tough time, the courage to take fears head on, helps me to reverse negative thoughts running through my mind.

Attitude is everything in your marriage. Attitude is everything as a parent. Attitude is everything in your relationship with friends and family. Attitude is everything in your career. Look at any aspect of your life and your attitude can affect it positively or negatively, the choice is 100 percent yours.

Every one of us has life happen to us in some regard on a daily basis. It is a choice how we react. How easy is it to just give in and let negativity consume you and drag you down?

The hard thing to do is to take a step back and tell yourself, attitude is everything; and spin it into something positive. That being said, not all things can be spun into something positive, but we have control over the type of character we portray.

Every time you step through the doors to come and workout or to do yoga, attitude is everything! We have all had those days where we let our attitude get the better of us, and in turn, so does the workout.

Personally speaking I have been on this side of the fence and it has the opposite affect on what you wanted it to do in the first place and you walk out feeling even more defeated.

However, I have also had those days where something really bad has happened or I was in the worst mood all day, but by reminding myself that attitude is everything, I have had the best workout, or PR in something that I had been chasing.

How empowered do you feel when a workout can reverse the way you feel or when you get that boost that you have been needing so much?

Ultimately, you have the last say in how you react things that come up. The next time life happens, remember this phrase, “Attitude is Everything.”