The Granite Games – Join the TwinTown Community


In 2015 a group of us from TwinTown participated in the online qualifier portion of The Granite Games, a three-day competition taking place in St. Cloud in September that last drew over 1000 participants from everyday CrossFitters to CrossFit Games athletes. It was an amazing experience. With the 2016 online qualifier just around the corner I was reflecting on why it was so cool, and what made us want to compete even though we knew we had no shot of being the best.

For me, it came down to the energy and excitement that simply can’t be replicated in the workouts we do on any given day, and the way we came together as a community to face them together. There was the anticipation and predictions each week as the workouts were about to be released. The nervous excitement as we shared ideas and strategies. Walking into the gym on Sunday morning as we all got together to workout. The motivation to redo a crushing workout because you KNOW you could have done more or gone faster, if for no other reason that to prove to yourself you can. There is the friendly competition between us at TwinTown facing off against each other. The chance to see how we as individuals, and we as a gym, stack up against our peers across the state and even the country.

For 4 weeks in 2016, from June 9th – July 4th an Rx, Scaled and Masters WOD will be released on Thursday. TwinTown will be programming the workouts for classes on Fridays and will have an alternate time to complete (or redo!) on Sunday at Open Gym. For those of us who have competed before, we are eagerly awaiting this years qualifier. Will you join us? Perhaps you will represent TwinTown Fitness at this year’s Granite Games! Also this year, all online qualifier participants are eligible to register for the open registration teams of 3 competition – no qualification necessary.

Sign up for the online qualifier and select the TwinTown Fitness Community during registration. Let’s tackle this challenge together. For all register athletes there are weekly prizes given at way at random – Kill Cliff, jump ropes, gift cards. Plus, if 25 people join our community we have the chance to win amazing upgrades to our gym, such as new rowing machines and Assault Bikes!