Boot Camp


There’s more to being in shape than just busting your butt as hard as you can! Don’t get us wrong, we’re going to test you, but we’re also going to teach you.

Under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor, in 6 weeks you will learn the fundamentals of safe and productive movement through challenging workouts that will push your limits in a supportive, group-fitness environment full of other people with similar goals. You’ll learn how to properly warm-up for your workouts, how and when to push your limits, the correct way to perform movements you never thought you could, and, finally, how to take care of your body when the workout is done.

Feel free to send any questions to! We’re happy to get them answered for you.

“I can get into pants that I haven’t been able to get into for months.  The numbers are going down on the scale and my arms are getting toned from all of the push-ups. I’m sleeping better at night.”
- Kristin G.