stressA couple years ago I saw Chris Kresser talk at PaleoFX. In a panel about adrenal fatigue he mentioned that he deliberately chose to reduce his patient load as a way to manage stress.

As a child of immigrant strivers, this was mind blowing. Let’s just say that in my family culture, self-compassion is not valued.

But one of the great privileges of living in America is that we have choices. Grind, or unwind. More health, or more wealth. In the abstract, the choice is easy, but in practice, not so.

Here’s the thing, and pay attention paleo dieters. Your gut is responsible for getting nutrients into your body. Fatigue and stress severely compromise gut function. So eating nutritious food is only part of the battle. If your gut can’t absorb nutrients you will never be truly healthy.

Unfortunately you can’t buy gut health at the organic grocery. Which brings us back to choices. What’s it going to be today? Are you going to skip your lunch so you can wolf a muffin at your desk?  Skip your workout so you can work late? Get up before the crack of dawn to joust with psychos on the freeway? Where does it end?

Career is important, but I am here to tell you that career success is a booby prize if you feel like crap all the time.

More health or more wealth? That is the question.