CrossFit Callus Care


The opposable thumb is the main anatomical feature that makes humans functionally different from apes. Our ability to grab things is essential for tool use. Every time I hit my thumb with a hammer I howl thanks to the human genome.

As all CrossFitters know, the downside of repeatedly grabbing things is that you develop big gnarly calluses after a while. You know that you have CrossFit hands if your spouse recoils in horror when you attempt a tender caress.

Tender caresses aside, the practical reason to take care of your paws is that if you leave calluses unattended they’ll pinch and tear leaving you with a big, scary wound that looks like Freddy Krueger’s face on your hand.

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Lately I’ve been using this shaver from Trim that I bought for like $2 from WalMart.  It rules!  In the picture you can see smooth patches underneath my middle, ring and pinkie fingers.  Those used to be calluses and now they’re smooth like butter.

Now that my hands have been restored to velvety softness I can’t wait to go to CrossFit and smash something with them!