CrossFit Games “Triple 3″



Tomorrow, we’re going to be taking on one of the workouts from the 2014 CrossFit Games. “Triple 3″ is as follows:

Row 3k
300 Double Unders
Run 3 miles

CrossFit training prepares its athletes for the “unknown and unknowable”. This means that sometimes you need to be able to push yourself for longer than might be comfortable. Triple 3 will be uncomfortable.

There are two versions of this workout available on Beyond The Whiteboard (what is listed above for the Sport Track, and a half for the Fitness), but since both are sure to take some time, we are not going to be able to run our classes as we normally would. There will be a short group warm-up before the workout, but we are also asking that you take the time to go through the warm-up that is programmed on BTWB before class begins. There is also a cool down listed and it is important that you take adequate time to let your body ease back to a moderate pace after the workout is done.

The Games athletes are going to be completing this workout on Friday and since you’ll have a point of reference for what it feels like to get through it, I would encourage you to make some time to watch the elites take it on! The Games are running from Wednesday through Sunday and you can find out how to watch all the events here.

Even if you’re intimidated by the thought of this workout, I would really encourage you to welcome the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and see what you’re capable of. Challenge yourself, help the others that you’re working with, and have fun getting after it!


  1. Manda Red says

    This sounds fun! I am sick and wrong. And if I'm supposed to get there early, I guess I'll see ya at 5:00 am.

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