Dip & Drive


The last three days in our all levels classes we have had a variation of the push press. I’m no psychic by any stretch, but I assume we will see them again soon.

This seems like such an easy movement, however many things can go wrong in a hurry.

If you have been in any of these classes you have definitely heard to send your hips back and drive through your heels. This feels very awkward, and if you have followed these cues, I’m sure we are in agreement.

It feels more natural to bend into our knees and push through our toes extending our calves to get the weight up. And we can probably get quicker results this way.

However, you are putting your body in a vulnerable position. You will undoubtedly feel it more in your knees, ankles, calfs and lower back.

Personally, I have struggled for a long time with the correct sequencing. I know what it is supposed to look like, I know how to cue others to do it, but when it comes to execution I don’t follow through.

Until now!!! My good friend and workout partner, Keela had me practice reps against the wall, while maintaining a vertical torso, then stepping away and pretending myback was still against that wall while going through the push press motion.

After my first training session with these cues in mind, I am already moving a lot better throughout the movement. There is still much room for improvement, but I feel this is the biggest step I have taken on conquering the push press.

The next time you are in class working on the push press, remember these cues!

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