Do You Even Work On Mobility, Bro?


How often do you work on flexibility and mobility outside class?

A lot of us attempt movements in the gym that we really shouldn’t because our bodies don’t move well enough to perform them safely.

Here’s a simple rule we all should follow: until you move well enough to complete the range of motion of a movement correctly and safely, you should not perform that movement.

Take overhead movements for example. If you cannot stand with your arms raised overhead, thumbs back, elbows locked out, maintaining a neutral spine with your ears visible, then you cannot safely perform overhead exercises. Including kipping pull-ups!

We gut through these difficult movements with with terrible form and pain faces to feel the false sense of accomplishment that comes with grinding it out. Doing something the wrong way is not an accomplishment; it is a shortcut and a recipe for injury in the gym.

I’m willing to bet you have not made flexibility and mobility work a priority in your training. I don’t mean doing four minutes of mobility work before or after class, I’m talking about making it the priority.

Flexibility is how far your joints and the soft tissues influencing joint movement will stretch. Mobility is the ability for the joints to move freely and easily.

A lack of mobility can be the result of deficiencies in flexibility, neural movement patterns, stability and strength. Since human movement is dependent upon flexibility and mobility, it is in your best interest as a CrossFit athlete and a human being to have a flexibility and mobility program specific to your needs.

After a few years of frustrating injuries, I made mobility and flexibility a priority. Since doing so, I have not sustained an injury. But I have also backed off movements that I cannot complete with good form until I have the range of motion to perform them safely.

If you want to make gains in the gym, or simply want to move well and age gracefully, you must approach your flexibility and mobility training with the same intensity and enthusiasm you have for your strength training and metabolic conditioning.

No more excuses. Make mobility work your priority.