Don’t Hide

AEP We all have things we’re good at. We might not like to admit where we excel, but our strengths are still our strengths.

We also have a list of things we would rather avoid than work to improve, both in the gym and out. This list is a pain because no matter how hard we work, it will remain constant. It will undoubtedly change shape as we do, but it will always be there.

What’s on your list? I dare you to write it down and put it somewhere where you will see it. Hiding from what you’re not good at won’t change your desire to improve, it will only serve to suppress you.

Can you run a marathon without issue, but have issues with even the lightest weighted movements? I dare you to scrap your next run and spend some time adding strength work into your program!

Maybe you’re the opposite, and can squat multiples of your body weight, but get winded running down the block. Some time spent training your endurance would serve you well.

Can you do a bajillion push-ups, but can’t straighten your arms above your head? How about waking up and hitting a yoga class instead of adding another hundred reps to your cache? I bet the you of the future would be happy you stopped overworking your shoulders and started getting them moving better instead.

Do you jump at any opportunity to get into the gym to work your butt off but still can’t seem to lose the weight you’ve been looking to shed? If countless gym hours haven’t done it by now, they’re not going to do it tomorrow. You’d be better served taking some time to clean up your eating habits so you don’t have to work so damn hard!

In a broad sense, our goal is to be strong, healthy, happy people. In our pursuit of this goal, we will always be best off if we are as widely capable as possible.

I am not telling you that you can’t work on what you enjoy or are good at, I’m giving you a push towards what’s uncomfortable, in the name of progress.

Don’t hide from your list. The goal is not perfection, but just moving the needle forward. Figure out where you could improve, set aside some time to work on it and give it an honest go.