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Lower back pain is nothing to mess with. If you experience any pain in that area you should immediately treat it. You may also want to see a physical therapist or chiropractor if the pain is chronic.

You can also work on those nagging pains yourself at home, at yoga, or after class using equipment we have at the gym. Whatever it takes; you need to get the strained or spasming tissue moving again.

One reason why you could experience lower back pain is because your pelvis is out of position. You can self diagnose this by looking into a mirror and putting your thumbs where the two bones that stick out (interior superior iliac spine) on top of your pelvis are. If one thumb is higher than the other, something is out of whack.

This can also be done with a partner on the backside, above your butt, where the other two bones are sticking out (posterior superior iliac spine).

If you find that you are out of alignment, or if you’re experiencing general lower back pain, check out the videos below. All three of these videos are from MobilityWOD. If you have not joined MobilityWOD yet you should. A one month trial is $8.99. There is a daily video showing how to mobilize all parts of your body. It’s well worth it!

Mobility Exercises

The HyperMobile Athlete and Low Back Pain
You will need a band for this one. Fold the band in half, put both legs through and position the band right above your knees. First, squeeze your butt. Then, brace your abs as if someone were going to punch you in the stomach. Now, to create pelvic torsion, screw your feet into the ground by externally rotating. Once you have done this, with the band around your legs, start to sit down into your squat forcing your knees out.

The Pelvic Fault and Low Back Pain
Lie on your back with your knees pointing up at the ceiling. Bring your feet off the ground creating a ninety-degree angle at your knees. Place one hand above your kneecap, pushing your knee away from you. Place your other hand on your upper shin on the opposite leg, right below your kneecap, pulling towards you. Try to resist both movements by pushing your lower back into the ground. Remain under tension for five seconds, then switch sides. Repeat ten times on each side. I’m no mathematician but I believe this will take an entire two hundred seconds, or three minutes and twenty seconds. About the same time as a commercial on TV.

Help, My Low Back Is Smoked From Jumping
If you are experiencing pain or tightness from jumping, squatting, or long runs, this is a great exercise to loosen up the psoas (muscle that connects your spine to your pelvis), and quadratus lumborum (your obliques of your lower back). Grab a lacrosse ball and place it on the top of your glute, pinning it against the wall, then roll out that area. You can also swing your leg through as if you were jumping while still keeping the lacrosse ball connected to the wall. After ten swings, internally rotate your hip as you swing through. Make sure you do this on both sides so you don’t walk around in circles all day.

Using the same lacrosse ball lie on your back with your feet on the couch or a box. Place the lacrosse ball under your lower back. Start at the spine with the ball and shift your weight from side to side.

If you are having a tough time self motivating, come to one of our yoga classes. You will get ample time to work on problem areas. See you there!

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