Fantasy Football

8860919003_0294be6186_zFootball season is upon us! Who is excited? Sit down Packers fans nobody cares!

We are starting up a TTF(TwinTown Fitness) members only fantasy football league this year.

Here are some of the details for you fellow geeks out there:

- Entry Fee (FREE- Sort of…)

- Live online (snake) draft, Tuesday September 2nd at 7:00pm

- There will be two 12-team leagues. Kayser and I will be commissioners.

- Regular Season Weeks 1-12. Playoffs Weeks 13-16 (Within each 12 team league). Week 17- The champion of each league will face off to see who is the “TwinTown Fitness Fantasy Football Champion 2014″- You will have 9 months to let everyone remember who you are!!!

- Positional breakdowns are as follows: 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1WR/TE, 1RB/WR, 1DEF and 1 Kicker

Prizes for this league are a bit different than any league you have ever been in, in the past unless you have equally as twisted of friends. Each week we will rank teams 1st-12th by the number of points scored for that week. Here is where you need to pay attention:

- The team who ranked 1st for the week will receive 0 burpees.

- Teams who rank 2nd-4th for the week will receive 5 burpees.

- Teams who rank 5th-8th for the week will receive 15 burpees.

- Teams who rank 9th-12th for the week will receive 25 burpees.

Each week I will send out an updated spreadsheet of ranks and amount of burpees accumulated. Once the season is over we will have a “Burpee Throwdown” where each team must complete the amount of burpees accumulated throughout the year.

Everybody wins!!!

Side notes:

1) If you cannot make the live draft your team will be auto picked. You can adjust your rankings prior to the draft and the computer will draft players for you determined by your ranks.

2) The “Burpee Throwdown” is TBD in 2015. Week 17 ends December 28th.

3) If you are unable to make the “Burpee Throwdown” you must submit video evidence of your burpees, otherwise you will be publicly shamed every class from then until the end of time!

4) This is a fun and friendly environment where everyone is welcome to play. Trash talking is definitely allowed throughout and after the season is over.

5) If you have more than one person on your team, each partner must complete accumulated burpees at the throwdown.

This event will fill-up lightning fast so please email me at brock at if you want in. First 22 spots are first come first serve.

Once the 22 spots are filled, Kayser and I will draw names out of a hat to see who’s league you will be in. If you do not know what fantasy football is you probably haven’t read this far anyways, but if you have I apologize for wasting your time.

Who wants in. Ready, set, go!

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