Happy Trails, Addi!


The worst part of our job at TwinTown Fitness is losing a good person when they move. Recently, Addi Rizvi moved to Washington state and we lost a great member of our community, and this one is going to hurt for a while.

Sometimes, in this line of work, you come across someone who inspires others without intending to. The type of person who works hard every time they enter the gym, has an infectiously positive attitude, and is just fun to be around. Not just at the gym, but in all facets of life. Spend just a little time with Addi and you will realize he is such a person.

We will miss seeing Addi in the gym on a regular basis dominating WODs and pushing those around him to be better. Our community’s loss is Spokane’s gain, and they are getting a great man.

Addi, we wish you, Ann, and the kids health and happiness. Come back to visit soon!