Healthy Eating: All It Takes Is Discipline And A Game Plan

foodHere’s the deal: eating well is not that hard. It just takes is a bit of discipline and planning.

Leading up to our Eat Well Challenge, my diet was absolute crap. I’m talking cake, ice cream, cookies, and burritos regularly. It’s no surprise that thinking about cleaning up my diet and eating cleanly made me anxious.

But after waiting for that “hard” part of cleaning up my diet to kick in during the first week of our challenge, and then the second week, it never came. This barrier that I thought I would have to get over never ended up presenting itself. I am not saying that this is always the case, but for me it was. If you hit that barrier, dig deep and bust through it. You are strong enough!

Not once have I craved sugar, pizza, or anything I’m not allowed to eat during this challenge. This isn’t due to luck or superior will power, it’s because I came up with a game plan and then executed the plan. It is that simple. The reason I’m not ordering Chinese food in a pinch is because I have a refrigerator stocked with good, nutritious food.

Every Sunday night we meal plan and make a grocery list. This usually gets us through Wednesday when we make another list and go to the store. Is game planning and going to the store a hassle? Sure, it is a little time consuming and puts a dent in the wallet, but to me it’s worth it. Since I started eating to fuel my body rather than just feed it with whatever food was available to me, I feel fantastic. You can’t put a price on that.

I get it, you’re busy. So if making two weekly trips to the store isn’t feasible, then invest in a meal plan from a company like Origin Meals to get you to your goal of maintaining a healthy diet.

My number one piece of advice to make this work is plan ahead. One of our members has spent two weeks of our six-week challenge on the road. He did a little research before his trips and found that the two cities he would visit, Boston and Dallas, had companies like Origin Meals that would deliver his meals to his hotel.

We are all busy. We can all come up with ten excuses as to why we can’t make a healthy diet a priority. But let’s face it, excuses are a way to justify our weakness. I know; I was that guy four weeks ago. I’d make every excuse in the book to justify making poor food choices. This is why I can tell you that if you really want to dial in your nutrition you can. Suck it up, make sacrifices, and get it done. Don’t be weak. You will feel better, sleep better, and perform better in the gym.

It comes down to whether you want it or not and whether or not you are willing to work hard to attain your goal of maintaining a healthy diet. Commit to your goal and stop making excuses.