Improved Mobility – The Comfortable Way

photo The lacrosse ball is now almost as much a staple in CrossFit gyms as a barbell is. We use them to massage and break up tight tissue to improve range of motion where we might be lacking. While they are extremely effective at getting into some of our tighter muscles, sometimes their dense build can be a bit too much.

Enter: the Yoga Tune Up Ball. Think of a ball with the inner-density of a lacrosse ball, but with a layer of foam wrapped around the outside. This slightly softer composition makes the idea of working on your mobility a much less painful one (especially if what you need to work on is sore!). The Tune Up ball is also available in 3 different sizes, so getting at some of the harder-to-reach tissue is no big deal.

Lack of mobility is one of the biggest limiters to success that I see when working with athletes. If you know you would benefit from further work, I’d highly recommend giving some of the Yoga Tune Up products a try. Coach Kayser told me about these a while back and they have been a go-to for me ever since.