Meet Coach Josh

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We have a few new coaches joining the staff in the coming weeks! We’re excited about it and we know why we like them, but we want to make sure that you know why they’re awesome, too. Josh is the next up, so there’s a short interview with him so you can get to know what he’s all about.

You’re now living Minneapolis. Have you always lived in this area?
Yes, born and raised in St Paul, MN – I haven’t ventured too far from home.

What are some gym-specific movements you’d like to get better at in the next year?
The Olympic lifts will always be my favorite thing to work on to try to continue to improve. That said, I need to work more on the movements I don’t like so much – to that end, I am determined to master handstand walks and build my deadlift strength.

You have more of an endurance background than a lot of people. Tell us a little about what you’ve done over the years and what the switch to CrossFit has been like.
As a result of me being awful at standard ball sports and my mom not allowing me to say no to being on a team at school, I grew up a swimmer and runner. That transitioned into an interest in triathlon and distance running through college and the subsequent years thereafter. After a few marathons, many triathlons and one full Ironman, I needed a change of pace. I found CrossFit through friends and fell in love with the challenge and social bond it offered. From trying to do Fight Gone Bad at LA Fitness (rower upstairs and someone stealing my barbell downstairs) to a pieced together home garage gym to TwinTown – the journey has been a blast so far and I’m excited for what’s next!

Everyone begins coaching for different reasons. What made you want to take on the challenge?
It is inspiring to see the gym and members continue to grow and develop. Before I became a regular at the gym, the thing that kept me coming back to TwinTown was the quality and attention placed on the coaching – I could not be more excited or humbled to have the opportunity to help play a part of that role going forward.

We’re going to need to know your favorite YouTube clip…

If there was only one local restaurant that you could eat at for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Burch – hands down best wood fired pizza that I’ve found anywhere (and I’ve tried a lot) – oh, and the Small Treats, so good!

What are 5 events/things/activities that would make for an ideal weekend for you?
Coffee, fitness, nap, dinner at a new restaurant, cocktails

Latest show/series you’ve binge watched? (No judgment, we promise!)

This is hard as my love for LaCroix runs deep but I’d have to say Pamplemousse

Josh will be coaching our Sunday classes for the time being. Come by for class or Open Gym and get to know him! Welcome to the team, Josh!