No Easy Outs


The next time you find yourself watching TV, notice how many ads for medications make their way into just a single commercial break. I specifically paid attention the other day and was taken aback by the volume that we’ve become so used to.

When did this become so commonplace? If you were new to this world, you would surely believe that there is no way you can survive life without the aid of medications.

As concerning as this is, my beef is less with the constant push of pills and more with the message these ads send. The undertone that we’re helpless without the pharmaceutical industry is leading us to believe that needing a quick fix is just a part of life.

We are blessed to be in a situation where we are in control of our lives – whether we realize it or not. It is important that we understand this power so we’re not blindly relying on what the next ad tells us we need.

I see people utilizing this control on a daily basis.

We’re now nearing the half way point of our Eat Well Challenge and I’m again being reminded of what some dedication to change, and a little grit can accomplish. This challenge is not the easy way out. For no less than six weeks, we’re asking our people to make significant changes to their diets by eliminating anything that could be causing them issue and replacing it with only responsibly sourced, whole, real foods.

Part of the value in this challenge is showing our members the positive effects eating better can have on your health. Another, less obvious benefit is learning that you have the power to change yourself!

The ways to try and get around eating well are endless. At the end of the day though, we all know that there aren’t shortcuts to truly being a healthy person. No pills, no gimmicks, just an understanding of what it takes and a dedication to seeing it through.

Half-assed solutions will bring nothing but half-assed results. We all have the ability to do much more than we think we can. It’s up to us to step past the initial discomfort and take charge in the name of bettering ourselves. To those already on this path, thank you. Your courage has a positive effect on more lives that just your own.