One Foot in Front of the Other


I’ve heard people say that injuries are inherent in training. While I understand the point that they are trying to make (at least in the case of professional athletes), I disagree with that generalization. If you are paying attention to proper technique, taking care of yourself outside the gym, and maintaining a balanced recovery schedule, there is no reason you should plan on getting hurt.

That being said, sometimes it happens, unfortunately. And sometimes to those that are in the best shape. If you are working out to live a long happy life as a strong person (you are!) then the trick is to not let an injury completely sideline you while it gets better.

I follow a long-time contributor named Pat Sherwood on Instagram. A few months back he was in a motorcycle accident that left him with a separated AC joint – an injury that for most would mean a lot of time away from anything workout related. I was very impressed not only by his motivation to keep active while his shoulder healed, but also by his humility in accepting that scaling options were going to be common for him to prevent any further issues with his shoulder-on-the-mend. He posted this video on his page showing some of the ways that he was staying productive through his healing.

Just so we’re clear, I am NOT saying that you should be further challenging yourself in an area that is recovering from an injury. If a doctor has told you to stay off it, do that. I AM saying that just because you have some current limitations, you do not have a pass to become a couch potato and undo all the work that you’ve put in.

Remember that our staff is here to help! If you ever have questions or are unsure of something that has been problematic for you, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it. It is our job to keep you safe and we are here to accommodate the needs of all the different athletes that we work with!

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