One Year in the Books / Moving Forward

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It has now been a little over a year since we started using the workout tracking program, Beyond the Whiteboard. We started using BTWB as a way to help our members record their numbers so they can not only improve on them, but also so they can look back on their journey and realize how far they’ve come.

So, with one year of workouts logged, what are your results telling you? Even though most of us have specific goals in mind for the near future, the ultimate aim is being as capable as possible across the board. It is this broad ability that will apply most easily to your life outside the gym, and keep you healthy and strong for a long, long time.

If you click on the number that represents your “fitness level” on the home screen, you can see, based on the average of your scores, where you stand. The goal here isn’t to be perfect at all of them, but to make sure there aren’t any big-picture elements that have fallen way behind. Looking at these graphs and numbers is a great way to see in a broad sense, where you are at.

These numbers aren’t there to rub your weaknesses in your face, but instead to show you where to concentrate your efforts for the greatest return. If you know you are already a very strong back squatter, maybe work to maintain where your hard work has landed you while you try improving a gymnastics skill that has been holding you back. If you can easily run 10 miles straight, try focusing on some of the faster/short workouts and see what your work yields.

Even if you haven’t been on top of logging your results, it is far from too late to start. I can promise you that this coming year will go by just as fast as the last one did. If you get into the habit now, you will have some real data on your fitness in less time that you’d think.

Working your weaknesses requires a real humility. Athletes of any level will tell you that. The trick is getting to it. Use this system as a tool to figure out what you could use some work on, and get down to it!