Pre & Post Workout Routine . . . Do You Have One?

1484574_904605966224267_2291880484785032163_nHow many of you watch golf on TV? No, not just after a long weekend when you need a nap, but actually watch it.

Unless you are a golf enthusiast, most if not all of you, probably wouldn’t dream of even watching a minute of golf on TV.

Being one of those guys that enjoys watching golf, I pick up on what really makes these guys great. It’s the automatic routine they go through regardless of the situation. No matter if they are on the practice tee or putting to win the championship, their routine becomes down-right religious.

Often times, when the camera zooms in, they might have there eyes closed visualizing their shot, doing their quirky pre-shot rituals.

After a round, amateur golfers are in a foot race to the clubhouse or to their car to get away and leave the scene of the disaster that just took place.

Not the pros. If a part of their game is off they head to the driving range or putting green to work out any kinks. They are always trying to improve and find a way to make the next time out go better.

What are you pre and post workout routines? Is it showing up two minutes early to have just enough time to fill up your water bottle before class starts? Is it a sprint to put your jump rope away hoping to never see double unders again?

Or are you at the gym early getting yourself ready for whats to come in that day’s lifting or WOD, and staying after class to try to fix or learn how to do double unders?

Believe it or not, usually the people on top of the leader board don’t just wind up there by chance. The people who move the best don’t just show up and go through the motions.

If you have had injuries in the past or have something nagging you right now, do you think it’s best to just jump right into the circle and go through introductions, or might it be wise to show up ten minutes early to warm up your shoulders when we are going overhead?

If it takes you longer than others for your hips to open up, what seems more logical, spending a few minutes in the couch stretch before class or hoping that the warm up will suffice?

These seem like no-brainers right? Although we try to get you guys warmed up for what is in store for the rest of the hour, we can’t tailor it to everyone’s personal needs. If you need extra attention, it has to come from you.

How long have you been frustrated that you haven’t been able to do a pull-up or that you have been coming to class for months, and have even attended double under clinics, but still cannot get them?

I grew up watching the “Grumpy Old Men” movies and one of my favorite quotes was, “You can wish in one hand, and crap in the other and see which one fills up first.”

Is your approach to sit and wish that one day it will just happen?

There is no secret sauce or special tip that is going to get you there. Yes, there are cues and efficiencies that are going to help, but not a cure-all.

We have all seen members who string up bands after every class to work on their pull-ups, and those who spend an additional five minutes going through a few sets of ring dips so that they are able to push out of the hole on their muscles ups. You should follow their lead and work on something that gives you trouble or you want to succeed at.

What are your pre and post workout routines? What should they be? What do you need them to be?

If you don’t know the answer to this and you want help, just hit up one of the coaches. We love to help!