Pump Up The Volume


Where has 2015 gone? We have two weeks from today before it’s all in the history books.

Year in review; how did 2015 fair for you?

What big changes did you have in your personal life? Professional life? Gym life?

Did you go forwards or backwards?

Personally speaking, 2015 will be a very memorable year for our family. In March we welcomed our son Ethan into this world and on the last day of April, Peter, Kayser and I became the owners of TwinTown Fitness.

Along with my marriage, these have been the greatest events of my life.

The past nine months have been a blur, but I truly feel so blessed and thankful to be where I am.

So how am I going to top this year in 2016? Simply put, I am not. But I still plan on being the best I can be in every aspect of my life.

Let’s talk gym life here for a moment. We, as a gym, put out goals in 2015. I saw many people achieve their goals, and in a lot cases, eclipse where they thought they could go.

Have you thought about what you want to achieve in 2016? What areas are you going to improve in? What is that BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) that you have in your sights?

Does the thought of your goals give you the willies when you think of it because you have no idea how you are going to get there? Do you have a plan in place on how you are going to get there? Do you have someone, or a group of people who are going to keep you accountable to your goals?

How many of you have put your goals in writing? How many of you have told somebody about them?

If you cannot raise your hand in both instances, I would be willing to bet that you are not going to achieve your goals. Nine out of ten times, when goals aren’t written or told to someone they aren’t achieved because people let themselves off the hook.

I’m curious to hear what some of you are going to be working towards. I speak for all of us coaches when I say this: we are here to help you get there and would love to help you put a plan in place to do so. You just need to ask.

My gym goals are different than they have ever been. There is absolutely no excuse other than, laziness for me to not hit mine this year.

My palms are sweating as I’m typing this because this is very bold for me to put this out here, but I will need you all to keep me on track.

All of my weaknesses stem from the same problem and that is upper body strength and more specifically, weak pulling strength.

So my goals for 2016 will be based on pure volume: 10,000 pull-ups and 10,000 push ups!!

Often times you hear us talk about practicing enough or throwing enough volume at something that you have been struggling on and that alone will typically push you over the hump.

Don’t feel that this is what you need to base your goals on, there are plenty of ways to go about goal planning. Hit us up if you have questions or need help.

Good luck this next year! We want to hear what you guys are working towards. Let us know on Facebook.