Shake off those Winter blues


It is way too easy to end up hibernating and depressed this time of year. The small amount of daylight, constant mess on the roads, and less-than-tropical temperatures really don’t make the idea of venturing out very appealing. However, despite what might not be ideal conditions, there is a LOT to be enjoyed this time of year. Here’s a couple of my favorites…

Go climb some “rocks”. Vertical Endeavors has a couple locations (one is just down the street from the Uptown gym) and has all needed equipment available for rental. There’s plenty of beginner-friendly climbing too. Midwest Mountaineering also has a small bouldering cave that’s free to use. You can even take a short class from them to learn the basics.

Try a yoga class. Many studios will offer a free trial of some sort so you can give their style a shot. Yoga is a great stress reliever, and makes for an excellent compliment to CrossFit. Check out a “restorative” class for some recovery stretching without anything too taxing or advanced.

Go ice skating. There are parks all over the city that have public skating rinks set up, but you can also go indoors at The Depot. They have skates available for rental, so you don’t need to have your own, and there are people of all skating abilities there, so don’t sweat it if it’s your first time.

Go tubing. Yep, seriously. Theodore Wirth Park is nice and close by and even has a tow rope!

Spend a couple hours at the Como Park Conservatory. Do you know what kind of climate they need to keep plants in for them to survive in Minnesota this time of year? A warm tropical one. Need I say more?

Have a favorite? Please share it!


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