“Someday I Will…”

Sarah Leonard

How often do you say, “someday we will have that house,” or, “someday I will get that promotion,” or, “someday I’m going to start to…”

What does your “someday” talk sound like? Have you reached your someday wishes of years past?

How did you reach them? Was it through a definite plan of action or did it happen more by default?

The comfortable way is to just live one day at a time hoping that with your hard work you will someday get to where you want to be.

I recently heard a interview where they were talking about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of dedicated practice will make you an expert.

What if instead of 10,000 hours, which is around five years at forty hours per week, you focused your time on something more attainable in the shorter term like 1,000 hours (close to one year at four hours per week)? Once you get to 1,000 hours you can reassess to see what kind of progress you have made or if this is truly the path you wish to continue down.

How about if we strip it down even more than that to 100 hours, which is about two-and-a-half work weeks?

But what about those of us that are not dialed in 100% of the time? The theory of 10,000 hours is based on dedicated practice where you are completely focused.

No texting or email interruptions. No phone calls in the middle but rather completely uninterrupted time.

How many hours or minutes per day would you say you are in this zone?

What if you committed to one-and-a-half hours per day to this? Cell phone off, email shut down and no personal interruptions. This 100 hours would take three months to achieve.

But three months is a good timeframe to see how things are going when you reach that point or maybe to tweak your current system to get a little better.

What if instead of 100 hours you dedicated 10 hours to some goal you have at the gym?

Would 10 hours make a difference? What if it was 10 minutes per day? That would be three months of dedicated time five days per week.

How would throwing that kind of volume at your goat, or some goal you’re striving for, help?

Would it bring that “someday” talk a little closer? Would it give you actionable steps to getting there?

This is the time of  year where people start thinking about what they want to do in the next year. Many people make goals but only a small percent have the tenacity to stay after them. I feel it’s because they have no actionable plan of getting there. They are just picking something that sounds good and making it their goal, and it’s the only thing they focus on for the whole year. But can they really say it’s focused work?

Take your someday talk and start small and see how big a difference it will actually make.