TwinTown Fitness Running Skill Series


We run. We run for fun, to burn off stress, to shed some lbs. We run in CrossFit, in run clubs, in marathons. We have always run. But how do we become better runners? The running culture is based around volume. Unfortunately more miles does not equate to better performance. Running is a skill to be learned and continually refined, just like swimming or deadlifting. The same way we can inefficiently pick something up off the floor, we can run inefficiently. Inefficiency leads to injury, and injury leads to a breakdown in performance. The TwinTown Fitness Run Series was created to help you achieve greater running performance.

The approach is simple. We will help you achieve greater running performance and injury prevention by:

  • Preparing and maintaining the body for running through consistent mobility work and strengthening, uncovering and correcting old injuries and structural weaknesses
  • Teaching and promoting efficient running technique

In other words, we are going to fix and prevent aches and pain instead of pushing through them, and adjust running mechanics to minimize the stress placed on the bodies joints and tissues over thousands and thousands of steps.

Come join us. You’ll run better. You’ll feel better. Sign up here.