Recommended Reading: Ready to Run

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Kelly Starrett, creator of, author of Becoming a Supple Leopard, and founder of one of the longest running CrossFit gyms in the world, San Francisco CrossFit, recently released his second publication titled Ready to Run.

Ready to Run is an all-encompassing look at the form, skill, and and ability required to be able to run well.

It seems almost silly that a book would need to be written about how to run, but if you look at some (any, really) of the injury statistics involved in the sport, you will surely see that this primal movement might not be the “gimme” that most of us take it for.

Starrett goes not only into why it is important to run well, but also how to get there. The book is full of valuable information, and is written in a way that makes its contents available to all.

Whether your only experience with running is through CrossFit, or if you are training for an ultra marathon, the tools provided in Ready to Run are sure to be of assistance. I’d highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a good read to get you ready for running season!