2016 CrossFit Games Open Recap

The 2016 CrossFit Games Open comes to a close tomorrow and I am proud of our members.

Whether or not you signed up to participate in the Open, you all worked hard, overcame fears and obstacles, and gave it everything you had.

We saw a lot of great moments this year, both individually and collectively. This picture of Adam getting his first bar muscle-up sums it up. I’m glad Josh P. was there to capture the moment on camera.

FB Adam

The picture says so much about who we are as a gym and the bonds that our members have formed. Look at the excitement on Adam’s face, and the faces of everyone around him. This is pure elation.

I was fortunate to witness this event in person and it was one of those moments as a coach where you almost have to pinch yourself because it seems unreal that this is what your life’s work is all about.

This was just one of many moments like this that took place at TwinTown Fitness during the Open this year, and I am happy that we were able to share them with you all.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to moving properly and safely. Nobody did anything foolish to get a few extra reps. Nobody sacrificed form or personal safety for a better score.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to reel yourself in and prevent losing form or taking shortcuts to shave time or get more reps when the clock starts. But we all know the consequences are not worth it. Let’s finish this year’s Open doing it the right way with quality movement.

Good luck crushing it tomorrow!


What Is The CrossFit Games Open?

23781854622_29116f359e_o The CrossFit Games Open will be upon us at the end of the month! For those who haven’t had the pleasure of taking on the Open before, here are some details that will help you figure out what’s ahead: The Open is a series of five workouts, released one week at a time. Those who enter their scores and place best in their region will move on to the Regional workouts (held later in the spring), which is the qualifier for the full CrossFit Games.

Workouts are announced on Thursday night, then we take on the workout as our daily WOD every Friday and you have until Monday to enter your score. To log your scores and see where you stand, you’ll need to sign up on the Games site. If you are not interested in participating, you can just show up and do class as usual. The workouts are no different from what we do in the gym on a regular basis, so don’t be intimidated!

The competition aspect of the Open is just one part of the five weeks, and in my opinion, not even an important one. What makes me love taking on these five weeks with the gym is the excitement I see in class. This is when our community really shines through. I get to watch people challenge themselves as they push through the difficult portions of each event, and I watch as the others in class are there to cheer them on when they need help.

The idea is not to be a superstar and compete with the elites in this thing. The idea is to measure the progress you have made throughout the course of the last year (workouts are often repeated from year to year) and to set some benchmarks that you can improve upon the next time you do them.

First, last, or somewhere in the middle, it does not matter where you finish. What is important is how you put to use all you’ve been working on in class and that you open yourself up to the vulnerability of the challenge.

Join us!