Make Mobilizing Part of Your Daily Routine


If you’re like me when it comes to the gym, you’d rather show up, lace up your shoes, and get down to business. Who wants to spend time warming up when there are weights to throw around?

Unfortunately, this is only a fantasy. We all need to put in the work mobilizing to stave off injuries and ensure that we preform at our best.

This is why it’s important to make working on your mobility part of your daily routine.

Whether this means subscribing to Kelly Starrett’s Daily Rx, signing up for yoga three times a week, or using bands and lacrosse balls while you watch the Wild game, you should pick what works for you and stick to it.

Here are some mobility exercises you can do on your own at home or in the gym:

Shoulder mobility.

Hamstring mobility.

Hip mobility. 

Posterior chain mobility.