Thursday Night Barbell WOD


We are excited to announce that we will soon be offering a new class on Thursday nights! Beginning Thursday June 25th, we will be offering a 75 minute Barbell WOD class at 7:30.

These classes will be focused on building strength, technical expertise, and confidence in the Olympic lifts. They will run in 6 week cycles, and each cycle will have an emphasis on either the Snatch or Clean & Jerk. Individual weeks will have specific elements of focus to break down the lifts into more easily manageable parts (pulling, hip extension, etc.) so planning to attend a cycle from start to finish is not mandatory, but will yield the best result.

Whether you are someone just looking to become more comfortable with these technical lifts, or if you have years of experience and are looking for some fine-tuning to keep pushing your potential, this class will provide the time and coaching that you need.

For those of you who feel that you need a metcon to feel like you earned a workout for the day: give this a try! Hop on for a 6 week cycle and see how far you’ve come when you’re done.

Coach Keela will be at the helm for this one. She has many years of experience under her belt, really knows her stuff, and will be a great leader for any/all interested in participating.

Sign-up will be available on Zen Planner starting next week!

What Are Your Goals For 2015?


Sure, everyone wants to lose weight, drop pant sizes, feel great and just look the best they can overall; but as they say, “the devil is in the details.”

What happens when you do not have specific goals?

When goals aren’t specific, or when they do not have an end date, you are aimlessly moving in a direction which you might feel is the right way, but how do you know for sure? How do you measure progress? Are you actually making progress or are you regressing?

Why did Rocky Balboa always beat the can’t lose, on top of the world champions in the “Rocky” movies? Because he had one specific goal in mind: to dethrone the best. And to do so he would run over broken glass, climb through fire, scratch, claw, never give in, never quit, and go to hell and back to get there. You won’t have to fight Apollo Creed, Mr. T, or the Russian, Ivan Drago, to reach your goals, but you will need to approach them with the same dedication that Rocky had to becoming champion in order to achieve them.

Goals must be specific, so that you know exactly what they are and when you have reached them. I often hear people say, “I’m working out here just to maintain,” or “I’m just trying not to look any older than I already feel.” Maintain what? How you going to achieve feeling younger?

Goals must be meaningful. They must be something that you truly want and will work towards achieving. If need be, you can tie something to these to motivate you. For example, “I will buy myself that new pair of shoes if I can work my way up to getting that first muscle-up.”

Goals must be attainable. If I just started CrossFit and was working on ring rows and banded pull-ups, getting my first strict pull-up by the end of 2015 would be attainable.

Goals must be reasonable. If you just started Olympic lifting, and you have a tough time even supporting the technique bar overhead, your goal should not be to snatch 200 lb by the end of 2015. A reasonable goal would be to support an empty bar overhead with perfect form before the end of 2015.

There is a lot more to goals than just making them. To reach them you must WRITE THEM DOWN! You need to tell someone who will keep you accountable while working towards them. You must have an action plan and not just hope to get there by accident.

We as coaches would like to let you know that we aren’t just here to bark at you guys and expect you to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. So here’s the deal. We have all come up with three goals that we will work towards achieving in 2015. We will post them on a wall in the gym and we need your help to keep us accountable.

Without further ado, here are the coaches’ goals for 2015:


-       Snatch 185 lb
-       String together muscle-ups
-       Pistols on each leg


-       10 unbroken chest-to-deck push-ups
-       Strict pull-up
-       Complete my first WOD with lifting elements at Rx


-       Earn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt
-       2k row under 7:00
-       Top 100 in my division/regions in the CrossFit Open

Joe W.

-       20 unbroken muscle-ups
-       Jerk 225 lb
-       Complete “King Kong” at Rx (3 rounds- 1- deadlift 455 lb, 2 cleans 250 lb, 3 muscle-ups, 4 HSPU)

Andy B.

-       Clean & jerk 265 lb
-       Handstand push-ups
-       Better lean body composition, less than 16%


-       Legit chest-to-bar pull-ups
-       Deadlift 400 lb
-       Bodyweight clean & jerk


-       Do a straddle press to handstand and a pike press to handstand
-       30 consecutive double-unders
-       5 consecutive muscle-ups


-       10 consecutive kipping pull-ups
-       Transition from firefly to handstand
-       Complete “Jerry” under 20:00


-       Snatch 200 lb
-       10 unbroken muscle-ups
-       3 consecutive freestanding handstand push-ups


-       Snatch 200 lb
-       Sub 5:10 mile
-       Back squat 375 lb


-       3 consecutive strict pull-ups
-       10 unbroken chest-to-deck push-ups
-       Clean & jerk 200 lb


-       Clean 200 lb
-       Rx WODs with ring muscle ups in them
-       Finish in the top 500 women in the North Central Region


-       Sub 6 minute “Fran”
-       String together 3 muscle-ups
-       1 strict HSPU

Martha B.

-       100 unbroken double-unders
-       Pistols on each leg
-       10 minutes of hip and ankle mobility each day


-       Clean & jerk 315 lb
-       150 unbroken double-unders
-       30 pull-ups, 20 chest-to-bar pull-ups, 10 consecutive muscle-ups

We would like to know what you are working on as well, so we have created an email specifically for you to send us your goals to These will be posted up in the gym for everyone to see so make sure you spend some time thinking about what is important to you. When writing them please make them specific, measurable, attainable and reasonable.

There is more to reaching your goals than just writing them down. Stay tuned for a further breakdown of how to achieve your goals.

We all look forward to helping you work towards what drives you in 2015!

Lumberjack 20 Event


What are you doing on Saturday September 6th? I’m not going to tell you how to run your life, but if you’re smart, you’ll be hanging out with me at TwinTown and throwing down with a bunch of other people on this gnarly workout called the Lumberjack 20! It’s been a couple months since our last event and we need to take advantage of the beautiful weather while we can.

We are charging $20 to participate and will be donating all proceeds to the family of our brother Terry Clapp who passed away last Spring. 9 person heats will be starting every 45 minutes beginning at 9:00, and there are 3 divisions available so scaling to any ability level will be no big deal. We will be accommodating for everyone, so if you have specific concerns on how to scale please ask your coach what the best modifications are. Here’s how the workout and scaling levels break down…

20 Deadlifts (275/225/185#) (185/155/105#)
Run 400m
20 KB swings (70/53/35#) (53/35/26#)
Run 400m
20 Overhead Squats (115/85/45#) (85/65/35#)
Run 400m
20 Burpees
Run 400m
20 Pullups (C2B/Pull-up/Ring Row)
Run 400m
20 Box jumps (24/20/20”) (24/20/16”)
Run 400m
20 DB Squat Cleans (45/35/25#) (35/25/15#)
Run 400m

You will need to sign up on Zen Planner in advance, so please head over there and get yourself signed up! There will be a warm-up written for you before you start, but the time that you sign up for is when you begin the workout. Plan to be there at least a half hour before your start time to get through a thorough warm-up. As always, friends and family are more than welcome to come cheer you on, so feel free to invite people to the event. Saturday the 6th, it’s on. See you then!

Coach Brock


I couldn’t be happier to announce that our guy, Brock Harling is coming on board as a member of the full-time TwinTown staff beginning this week.

If you’ve been in class with Brock, then you already know what a driven athlete he is. If you’ve been in a class that he’s instructing, then you’ve seen the great mix of lightheartedness and down-to-business work ethic that his leadership entails.

Since his time starting at TwinTown, Brock has continually proven himself as a great teammate, coach, and member of our community. We are fortunate to be adding another great member to our team and hope you will help us in welcoming him aboard.

Murph / Terry

2013-09-14 11.02.17-1

The annual tradition of honoring our veterans by doing the infamous workout “Murph” on Memorial Day has been a long-standing one at CrossFit gyms around the world. This year, we will be using this day to honor our brother Terry Clapp, who passed away earlier this month.

Instead of our usual class schedule, on Memorial Day, we will be running heats of Murph throughout the morning at the Uptown gym, starting at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00. The registration for the event is $25, and we will be donating all of the money raised to Terry’s family. The heats are up on Zen Planner now, so if you know that there is a time you would prefer to participate, you can sign up as soon as you would like.

The workout is on the longer side, but is scalable to any ability level by cutting the quantity in half and/or substituting the modifications that we use in class. Murph is as follows:

Run 1 mile
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
(pull-ups, push-ups and squats may be broken down however you choose)
Run 1 mile

There will be a BBQ following the event, at 3:00 in Kenwood Park (off Logan Ave and Franklin), so you can go home and get cleaned up after the workout is over. Please bring some food to share!

We only do this workout once a year and it is an experience you will surely remember. Please join us on Memorial day in celebrating the life of our friend, Terry, and honoring all of the other veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.