Proactive Versus Reactive



Amongst the many good habits we have, there is one particular bad trend that I see in almost all the people that I work with (I even fall victim to it myself from time to time). We tend to not want to work on what’s uncomfortable until we need to work on it. I’m talking specifically about the restorative processes that we use (or neglect) to take care of our bodies after we workout.

I was talking with a member before a workout the other day and they told me that they needed to scale a specific movement because it didn’t feel so great in their shoulder. We switched up the movement and went on with the workout. Afterwards, I asked them what they had been doing to work on this issue. Their head dropped and there was the familiar “well… you know, I’ve been doing a little stretching here and there.”

You would never wait until you get in a car accident to get your breaks replaced. It’s all-too-often though, that I see people not willing to work on what they know needs attention because they simply know they can get away with it for a little longer.

YOU! Yes you. You need to stop this. And not because it will make me happy (it will though). You need to stop this because I’ve been in your shoes and I can tell you first hand how frustrating it is to wind up on the sidelines with some nagging pain that could have been avoided.

No matter what your chosen activity, you need to be good to your body. You don’t need to dedicate hours of your day to stretching, but please don’t wait until your body is telling you that you went too far to get on some restorative work.

We’re kicking off a new class at the start of March to give you some mobility guidance and get you going. Every Monday, Molly will be leading a 45 minute class to get you working on nipping any potential issues in the bud. Keep an eye on our schedule for sign-up!

We don’t expect perfection from our members – just effort. The dedication is in your best interest anyways, and I promise it will be worth the while. All your coaches are here to help, but at the end of the day you are going to need to do the work. Get busy working on what you know needs to be done!