There Are No Shortcuts To Success

no shortcuts

One thing I noticed during this year’s CrossFit Open is that it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and try to take on more than you can handle.

I get it, you’re competitive and you want to post a good score. But if you don’t check yourself and do it the right way you won’t be posting any scores because you’ll be on the sideline with an injury.

Believe me, I learned this lesson the hard way. When I began CrossFit I let my ego, pumped up from past athletic success, take the lead and it got me into trouble. Bad form and a big ego are a recipe for disaster. Just ask my shoulder.

Maybe you were a stud athlete in high school, or maybe you just want to challenge yourself. Either way, take caution. High school was probably a long time ago, and I bet you didn’t walk out there with the varsity in whatever sport you excelled at and dominate on your first day. No, you put in time honing your skills and working on fundamentals. You need to take this same approach at the gym.

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If you have bad form, or you’re not confident in your technique, back off on the weight you’re using and slow your roll. There is no sense in personal heroics; you’re only going to injure yourself or reinforce bad habits.

Master the fundamentals. Without solid fundamentals you have little hope of succeeding. Accept the challenge to get better and attack it with everything you have, but don’t try to take shortcuts. This way, when you’re ready, you will be able to reach your full potential.