Three Reasons I love Boot Camp



I love coaching Boot Camp. Three times a week I get a charge you wouldn’t believe. My wife noted that I seem happier when I come home from Boot Camp and I started wondering why that would be. Here are a few reasons.

1) Cooperation over Competition

From warmup to cool down everything in Boot Camp is a cooperative, goal-directed exercise. In other words, the group has to work together to achieve something that would be impossible as individuals. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs a sense of belonging is a more fundamental need than self-esteem. Being the alpha who crushes a WOD in a CrossFit class may be great for your self esteem, but it’s also inherently isolating. In Boot Camp we cooperate and succeed together, rather than isolate ourselves through competition. That’s why Boot Campers smile and laugh, even in the middle of a workout – a deep emotional need is being met.

2) It’s a Real Team

If you’ve ever played a team sport you know what it’s like to hang with the same training cohort week after week. You become bonded with your team in a way that is frankly impossible to duplicate in a casual training environment. We never do introductions in Boot Camp because we all know each other. We have a level of familiarity which you can only get through continuous experience with a bonded training cohort. Why does this matter so much? Because as humans we are wired to show compassion and empathy to those with whom we are very familiar. Think about how powerful that is in a training environment!

3) It’s Different Fun

Because barbell competency is not a priority we are free to incorporate movements that don’t exist in the CrossFit movement pool. I can tell you after 7 years in the CrossFit trenches that wall ball never becomes fun. But it is an essential part of the canon which you must practice constantly. In Boot Camp we do things like the Bulgarian split squat, the badonkadonk, foot-hand crawls, etc.. I draw from MovNat, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, CrossFit, gymnastics, RKC, and more to make a training experience that is truly varied, incredibly challenging, massively rewarding, and fun.

We have just a few spots left in our April 14 Boot Camp. If you want to get in on this, sign up here.