To carb, or not to carb


There is a common misconception that following the paleo way of eating also means you need to stay away from carbohydrates. While this is most definitely not the case, I can understand where some of the confusion comes from.

Following these guidelines is not nearly as much about how much of a specific nutrient group you eat as it is about the quality of the source. With foods like most grains and legumes doing more harm than good to most people’s digestive systems, it is generally recommended that we go without them. Because these foods are very carb-dense, elimination of them can lead to a reduction in your overall carbohydrate intake. This is not a recommendation to go without this important nutrient, but rather a side effect of getting rid of these problematic foods.

Especially if you are following an intense exercise regiment like CrossFit, carbs need to be a regular piece of your diet. It is getting them from a source that works well with your body that can be the tricky part. Everyone’s requirements can be different, but generally having a few servings of fruit, lots of veggies, and some root vegetables on a daily basis (especially immediately following your workouts) leaves most people with plenty of carbs for their body’s needs.