“When You’re Green You Are Growing, When You’re Ripe You Rot”


What an excellent quote from Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s. 

I’m not sure that McDonald’s really believes that food can rot, because I have seen a hamburger and fries that sat untouched on a shelf for over five years and showed no signs of breaking down. The only difference from the day it was put on the shelf, was that it had shrunk to half its original size. True story!

While it’s safe to say that the “Golden Arches” don’t quite have the magnetic power they once did on me, this quote has always stuck with me because of the broad truth that it carries.

When you think of someone who has achieved success, what qualities do they possess? Relentlessness, determination, drive, desire, passion, they scratch and claw, are willing to fight, and will never give up no matter who tells them they can’t have it or says it will never be done.

How many people do you know that have accepted mediocrity? Have you ever been there? Maybe you’re there now in some areas. So how do you right the ship and change the bad habits that lead you to this trap?

Let’s take our “Squatember” challenge for example. How many of us have thrown in the towel on bettering our squatting ability, or worse yet, accepted that where you currently are is the best you will ever be?

I have witnessed plenty of members take many months to move up another 5-10 pounds on their snatch or clean and jerk. Instead of accepting that they weren’t going to get better, they worked from the bottom up to find the inefficiencies in their form so that they could expose areas to focus on and get better.

Or how about this one? Yep I’m going there… double unders!

How many of us have accepted that we aren’t going to figure them out? Who intentionally dodges workouts that have double unders because they don’t want to face the defeat of not getting them again?

There was a point in my CrossFit journey where I would answer yes to both questions. In fact, two and a half years worth.

Have you heard the definition of insanity? It’s “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

What it took for me was a clear plan of action. I was determined to figure them out once and for all. So every day for a month, I practiced double unders. And every day I got frustrated with them. And then it happened, in a CrossFit Open workout where I couldn’t run and hide from them, I hit one PR on the first set and then another on the next!

I messed up plenty and still got crushed by other gym members, but I had already succeeded in my own mind. I’m pretty sure I floated all the way home that night because it was, and is to this day, the biggest struggle that I conquered at the gym.

What is this for you? What do you run from in the gym? What frustrates you more than anything?

Remember the definition of insanity? Don’t expect that one day you will just get it out of nowhere. It takes dedication, a relentlessness to succeed and determination to not accept defeat.

What has worked for me in the gym and in my personal life and professional lives, has been to develop daily habits towards a goal.

Sometimes the best trick towards achieving what you really want is just throwing enough volume at it. If you really want to get your first pull-up, then spend time on pull-up work every day. If you want to get better at your squat, daily practice will get you there. If you are driven to achieve a goal, put in time on it every single day.

Any of our coaches are more than willing to help you get a plan in order to achieve your goals. The first order of business is to see if you really want it, because if you don’t you will surely quit when the going gets tough. The second is to put in the work. Figure out what you want, make a plan for how you’re going to get there, then get down to business!