Sometimes you need to get after a hard workout, but sometimes you need to do the opposite and slow it down. Our yoga program is designed to balance the physical and mental training we offer to our members at TwinTown Fitness.

Take a look at our offerings and get in touch with us if you’d like to come try a class!

Tuesday: 5:45 pm YINyasa
Wednesday 6:45 Mobility
Thursday: 5:45 pm YINyasa
Saturday: 10:15 am Vinyasa

YINyasa: The first 30 minutes of this class are dedicated to vinyasa, which is yang, an energy that generates heat and internal fire. Vinyasa links breath to movement, and combines sun salutations, breath-work (pranayama), and standing/seated postures to energize the body and quiet the mind.

Once the muscles are warm, we shift into the second 30 minutes of class, which are dedicated to yin. Yin yoga is calming to the central nervous system, and gently opens connective tissue and fascia.

Combating the negative effects of stress, this class will bring you into a deeper state of awareness, flexibility and harmony within the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Vinyasa: One hour of dynamic flowing postures, linking breath to movement. Focus on integrity of breath, alignment, balance, flexibility and strength.  Elements of standing, balancing and seated postures deepen your connection with breath and body.