Let’s Get Outside (park workouts beginning this weekend!)

Having the option to open our garage doors in the summer is great, but it’s still not as fun as being outdoors when the weather is nice. To get us outside even more, we’re now offering a twice-per-week Park Workout class beginning this weekend!

Classes meet by the kickball fields at Kenwood Park (on the north end of Lake of the Isles) on Saturday mornings at 9:00am, and Tuesday evenings at 5:00pm.

What this class is all about:

1. These classes are an hour to get sweaty. Because the equipment we’ll be using is limited, the intensity is less than what you can expect in our CrossFit classes. That being said, we’re still going to push you!

2. All skill levels are welcome. We’ll all be learning new movements and skills as we go, in addition to drawing from some of the go-tos we use in the gym. No previous experience needed!

3. You’ll get in a workout that you can walk away from feeling accomplished, but not as drained as a class with weights and complex movements.

4. It’s the freakin’ summer! Why not combine our love of working out with the great outdoors?! We only have so many months to enjoy this weather – we might as well take full advantage. So, TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE!

Classes won’t follow a rigid structure from hour to hour, but, generally each one will have 4-5 elements. We’ll always begin by getting you moving—nothing too strenuous, but a chance to get your blood pumping and joints moving.

Next we’ll move into 2-3 short conditioning pieces (think small CrossFit workouts) with different formats from week to week. Last, classes will finish up with a quick stretch before you take off.

There will be no heavy weights, but that doesn’t mean all equipment is off limits. Get excited to try new movements, equipment, and skills to help you get to your goals in the gym!

Any news on location changes or cancelations due to weather will be made on our Facebook page no less than one hour before the start time. Get in touch if you have questions about these classes!

Peter Bekke