2019 Push Reflections


I love a good gym community event just as much as anyone, but this year’s Push Race was extra special for a few reasons. First of all, what I love most about gym events is getting a chance to bring all the members together—it’s hard to get those regular 5:30am-ers in the gym at the same time as the regular 7:30pm-ers! When else is that going to happen?! 

Second, the variety of team mixes was so inspiring! There were pairs of seasoned members, newer members, a mix of the two, those who’ve moved away and came back, and people who are just starting out here! It was so encouraging to see all the mixed ability levels come together to take on this one hard workout. 

The amount of support this year between partners was beyond any event I’ve seen at TwinTown! I saw partners cheering each other on, coaching each other, and talking one another through movements. There were some new moves that people hadn’t ever done before (rope climbs, log thrusters, and sandbag cleans) and no one batted an eye; they just took this challenge head-on! I watched every team step up to the challenge like a proud mom!

Lastly, I cannot say enough thanks to all our awesome members who showed up for this event. Whether you were volunteering to make this event run smoothly, to make sure people came close to puking on the bike sprints, were participating, or were simply there to cheer, THANK YOU! You all make our gym the friendly, supportive, tight-knit community that I love so dearly and it all came through during this year’s Push Race!