The 2020 TwinTown Intramural Open


The Open is here... again! 10/11-11/8/2019. We’ve been working harder than ever to make sure this is the best Open we’ve ever hosted, and have made a few changes that we wanted to fill you in on.

Some common questions:

How do the Friday night events work?
Every Friday, we’ll shut the gym down in the afternoon to set up for the event and will run heats of the workout from 4:00 until 7:00 or so (workout lengths vary, so finish times aren’t nailed down until the week of). You’ll be able to sign up for a heat ahead of time but we encourage everyone come early/stay after and cheer for your teammates (you can earn points for that, too!).

I’m not a competitor. Should I still sign up?
Yes! We only do a handful of events each year, and enjoy much more about them than just the workouts! This is open to all ability levels! Also, the points are mostly based on effort and how much you support your teammates, not your individual performance (except for the head-to-head challenges).

How much does this cost/what are the rules for participating?
For the 5 weeks, the cost to participate is $25, or $40 if you want one of the team t-shirts (that we think you’ll look really dang good in!). All the money we raise is being put back into food for the weekly events and new fun workout toys for the gym. We want this to be the best possible experience for everyone who signs up for these events, so we’re limiting participation in the Friday night events to just those who’ve signed up to take this on with us.

How do I prepare for the Open?
Easy—go to class! The TwinTown classes will run as normal throughout the week, so come in and get after it. The programming we take on each year during the Open follows the basics of CrossFit that we practice on a daily basis, so don’t feel like you need some special training to be ready. Do pay attention to how hard you’re getting after your workouts in the days before though!

When are the workouts announced?
All weekly workouts are announced on Thursday night via a live-streamed event on

What in the heck is with this point system?
We’re dividing everyone who signs up into 4 teams (this will happen as the Open draws closer). Each team will work, week after week, to accumulate as many points as possible until one final champ is crowned! Here’s the breakdown on how you and your team can earn points each week:

1. Attending Barbell
2. Attending Yoga (you have 2 point opportunities here!)
3. Attending Mobility
4. Social media post using #TTFOpen20 @twintownfitness (each person can get 7 points/week)
5. Come to the FNL events and cheer!

1. Wear team shirts during events.
2. Judging for someone (you can only cash this in once/week, max 2 points).
3. Do the workout during the Friday night event.

1. Challenge someone head-to-head (must challenge before event is announced). This will be tracked on the blackboard and a coach has to sign off on the challenge. You score 5 points by winning the event.
2. Do a skill session with Brock, Peter, Tommy or Nia.
3. Bring a non-TTF member to Friday Night Lights (extra 2 points if they work out).

If 75% of your team shows up to the weekly event.

Keep an ear out in class for more info as the Open draws closer and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions before then! This is going to be one to remember. Take it on with us!

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