NEW CLASS: Forty-Five


There's a trend we see in a lot of our people (and sometimes in ourselves, but please don't tell anyone!):  workouts tend to be all-out CrossFit craziness, or nothing at all. While we can talk all day about how important it is to give ourselves the chance to work out without going as hard as possible sometimes, we also know how easy it is to end up letting our competitive nature get the best of us once the workout begins.

CrossFit has proven to be wildly successful over the past decade, but it's certainly not a one-size-fits-all program. And, even more than that, it doesn't always need to be done with the intensity that it's become so known for. Did you know that the programming regularly includes days without a metcon? "No metcon?! What is this world coming to?! Madness!"

We firmly believe that to be the healthiest possible, we should move every day of our lives. Sometimes that means lifting weights, sometimes it means working on improving range of motion in our bodies, sometimes it means going hard through a tough workout, and sometimes it means taking it easy. But, because we want to give you the option to do what feels best for you as often as possible, we're continuing to develop our offerings to best fit the needs of the people we want to see succeed (you!) and have a new class to unveil.

The title of this class is Forty-Five, and its goal is to put to use what we love about CrossFit and eliminate what we see as potential roadblocks for those not interested in performance-based workouts. We'll be using the functional movements you see in our WODs, but are taking out the barbells and complex gymnastics movements that tend to intimidate and drastically increase intensity. The class will run on a 45-minute clock and will have you moving between work and rest throughout.

Just looking to get in shape, but couldn't care less about ever testing a max deadlift or taking seconds off your "Fran" time? Love CrossFit but just can't get yourself to go light even when you know it's what your body is begging for? Looking for a less intense, longer-format workout? You should try this class.

CrossFit is our bread and butter, and we have no plans of moving away from that. But, constant heavy lifting and hard metcons can't be the only way we exercise. We want to help you be healthy, strong, and happy for the rest of your life, and want to offer a program that's wide-ranging enough to let you go hard when it's time to, but also allows you to not feel guilty about just getting sweaty when that's all you feel like doing.

Forty-Five will give you a hard workout, for sure, but will stop short of that "will i throw up soon?" feeling that some hard CrossFit workouts are so good at bringing out.

We've tried, tested, rebuilt, and reworked this class many times over, and now feel great about what we've put together. Get in touch if you have specific questions, otherwise check the schedule for class times, and sign up for one to see what they're all about!

Forty-Five classes begin on Monday 2/19