NEW CLASS: Momentum


We've run many skill clinics here over the years, covering everything from double unders, to muscle-ups, to Olympic lifting. While the progress we've seen in the clinics has always been pretty remarkable, it also frequently seemed to be more of a flash in the pan than something that actually stuck the way we intended.

What good is teaching you to do something if you don't internalize what you've learned?

Sooo, it is with this in mind that we happily announce the next evolution of our skill(s) clinics in the form of a regular weekly class: Momentum.

The name comes from our realization that sometimes just teaching isn't enough; we need to practice in order to build the momentum needed to really become proficient!

Each Momentum class will be divided into 4 parts. Here's what you can expect:

THE WARM-UP: Our goal here is to get you sweaty, to shake off the soreness from workouts earlier in the week, and to begin prepping your body for the work ahead.

SKILL WORK: Each class will be part of a larger cycle focusing on one specific goal (ring dips, rope climbs, muscle-ups, pull-ups, etc.), which will be worked on for 4 weeks before beginning on a new cycle.

THE WORKOUT: Short-format metcons with more emphasis on getting your heart rate up than on improving your ability to perform complex movements.

A LIL STRETCHIN'You know you need it. We know you need it. We'll be guiding you through some basic mobility work to round out each hour so you leave feeling gooooood.

You know those days when your body is telling you that you need to move, but the idea of a hard workout is just too dang much? Think of this class as a productive solution to that issue. 

Momentum is open to all our members, but since certain cycles will have prerequisites please check the Wodify notes before signing up. You do not need to go to every class in a specific cycle to benefit, but for obvious reasons that would be the way to get the most out of your time.

To begin, we're holding a Momentum class on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. Make sure to select the 'Momentum' program listing when reserving your spot in Wodify!

We're constantly brainstorming on how to build you the most beneficial experience we can here, and are pretty freakin' excited to be bringing this next class to life. Come give it a shot and step your game up!

Peter Bekke