How We Can Help You


Troubleshooting physical issues with our bodies can be frustrating as all hell–we're all built a little differently, so we each have individual issues that arise from time to time. To help with this, we've teamed up with Twin Cities Movement to give our members a go-to solution when they need some guidance.

The TCM team has been working with our staff for the past few months now, and we've been so happy with our results that partnering with them seems only natural. These guys really know their stuff and truly embody what we value most in working out. Instead of rambling on, I'll let Andy and Brandon introduce themselves. Take it away, fellas...

We are Dr. Andy Cook and Dr. Brandon Langerude, of Twin Cities Movement: chiropractic and rehabilitation. Our main office is located nearby, at 2902 Garfield Ave, in Balance Fitness Studio; we are excited to announce that we will be taking appointments in the open space at TwinTown Fitness starting immediately. 

I’ll take a moment to describe why that should matter to you. But first, a little about us. 

We like to say that we use movement as medicine. 

And it’s powerful stuff! 

In a typical visit we’ll be correcting movements that could be causing discomfort or injury; using manual therapy like Active Release Technique, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and chiropractic manipulation, to decrease restrictions in your body; and strengthening your new movement patterns with specific and individualized rehab exercises. We like to focus mostly on movement because that’s what you can do at home, at work, before your workout, when you wake up. 

Basically, it’s always available to you, and it’s free. This is your best way to reduce pain and avoid further pain. Sometimes we need help to get to a place where that’s possible, and that’s what we’re here for. 

To give a little background, we explain the body as working with alternating segments of mobility and stability. For instance, the foot, knee, lower back, shoulder blade, and elbow prefer stability; and the ankle, hip, upper back, shoulder joint, and wrist prefer mobility. 

Very often pain in the body comes from one or more of these segments not performing the way they should. The low back can move too much because the hip or the upper back don’t move enough, and low back pain can be the result. Elbow pain is very frequently caused by restrictions in the shoulder or the wrist. 

The cause of these restrictions and limitations are often a combination of many things, such as our habitual postures, our jobs, our stress levels, diets, and on and on. Frequently, the main factor that is missing in the life of someone with pain is movement, or at least movement and activity variety. 

Too much of anything can be problematic for the body.  

We want you to move, and to move more. We want you to live a life full of activity, and do everything you want without your body limiting you. 

We can help you with this in a number of ways. First, our assessment is designed to find the root cause of your complaint. As explained above, your low back is not always the reason your low back hurts. We take you through a series of movements to find out where you are restricted, where you could use mobility, and where you could use stability or strengthening. If you need mobility we use our skillset to give your body mobility, but if we don’t stabilize afterward, your body often goes back to the way it was, which is why we focus so much more on stability. We provide you with exercises specific to your needs, after ensuring in the visit that they are the exercises you need. 

If you prefer a little manual therapy to help you recover after a hard workout, we can provide that. 

If you like the idea of physical self-sufficiency, we can teach you what you need to attain that. 

If you feel like there is something standing in the way of your performance, we can help you find out what it is, and push past it. 

Many people don’t realize that there are reasons they experience pain with certain movements. Many people push past their pain, which isn’t always a good idea, considering pain is a signal that the body would like something to change. The point is, if something hurts, it’s a good idea to change something. If you can’t figure out what to change, it’s a good idea to ask someone. The internet isn’t a bad place to start, but no one writing a blog post or filming an informational video can actually tell you what you need, so the answers are often too general. If they are helpful, it is at the expense of efficiency. Sometimes parts of your body could benefit from outside assistance to help the change along. This could be a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, orthopedist, or surgeon (hopefully in that order). 

The long and short is this. We are here to benefit the TwinTown community. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a life full of activity, with minimal pain and interruption. We want everyone to be their own caretaker first, and to know the movements they benefit from most of all. We want everyone to know that if that’s not enough, they can come in and we can help them past the initial barriers. We can help give sufficient momentum that they can take it from there. 

If anyone has any questions, please shoot us an email ( to set up a free consultation so we can listen to your concerns and see if we can help. We’ll be around before and after classes occasionally to make ourselves available to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask us questions!