Each of our classes are a chance for us to work with our members and make them better. Want to get to know us? Check out our bios so you can learn what we're all about...


Peter Bekke

I love what I do as a coach. Setting personal records in class is great, but what I truly enjoy is when I see the more subtle effects of my time with members. The confidence I've gained in myself since starting CrossFit is something that I will carry with me forever, and is exactly what I hope to inspire in the people I work with.


Brock Harling

Growing up, sports were my life and being part of a team was a constant. Having the chance to be a part of a community with that same kind of feel is what gets me out of bed everyday. Our members and our variety of coaches are what make this place so special to me. I'm addicted!

Matt Onken

My first summer after college I read about this CrossFit thing in Men's Health and immediately got hooked after trying it out in a tiny rec center gym. As a coach I love helping people shift the role of fitness in their lives from using it to stay in shape, to eventually establishing it as a regular hobby and even a lifestyle.


Cat Chicoine

I have been an athlete my whole life. Gymnast, swimmer, runner, triathlete and now CrossFitter. Coaching to me is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an athlete. Not only do I get to express my love for a sport, but I get to watch people grow and improve their health and well-being. I am proud to be a coach and to be a part of such an amazing community!

Josh Peterson

As an athlete, I grew up focusing on endurance sports and didn’t discover CrossFit until my late 20s. As a coach I particularly love breaking movements down to their core elements. I could not be happier coaching at a gym that prioritizes quality movement as the foundation for effectively building strength and intensity.

Molly Dalsin

I was never obsessed with fitness or athletics, but I've always enjoyed being a part of a team and accomplishing things I didn't know I was capable of. This is what guides me as a coach. Rather than looking the fittest or topping the leaderboard, it's about being a part of a community that pushes you to continually progress at your goals.


Mary Rose Dwyer

I love the intensity and community of CrossFit. I get to come in and help people achieve things they never thought were possible. It is so rewarding to see the sheer grit and determination of our members to be stronger, faster, tougher and more fit. The people here really care for one another and hold each other accountable to get better.

Keela Kuhlers

My athletic journey has been a diverse one, however the constant in all my experiences is a commitment to chase new challenges. When it comes to coaching, I truly enjoy helping athletes fine-tune technical movements to increase efficiency and speed. Of my 5 years here, every single day I've spent here has been worth it: the people, the workout, the challenge.

Nia Hermansen

Growing up, I was always that kid who logged more hours at an arena/field/court than anywhere else. With coaching, I focus on bringing that joy of sports and fitness into life while helping people achieve their goals. TwinTown continues to be a happy place in my life with its awesome community, space, and values.


Nathaniel Gier

For a long time I used to only go to the gym to bench, curl, and leave. I’m happy to report that I’ve officially left the college days of "BCL" behind me. As a coach, I strive to make CrossFit accessible to all people so that folks leave the gym with 100% satisfaction. TwinTown is the best place for all of us to achieve that goal.


Chris Massey

Movement has always been a significant part of my life, from gym class in elementary school, through long distance running and dance in high school, to CrossFit. Since joining TwinTown my focus has become how to achieve and help teach efficient, sustainable movement. I love helping others move the best they can!


Tommy Boone

I love what I do. Getting to spend my day helping people and building relationships with them is something I am extremely grateful for. Whether it's helping people set new PR's, work through an injury, or even just teaching someone how to stand up and sit down without pain, the opportunity to be a coach is a dream come true for me. Growing up, I was the epitome of a "non-athlete". When I found fitness and saw what I was really capable of doing, both physically and mentally, I knew I wanted share that with as many people as I could.