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You commit to 3 classes per week for 6 weeks and your whole membership is on us!


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We know the progress that can be created in just a month and a half, even with limited time in the gym. To hold you accountable to your goals, we take a $500 deposit at the start of your 6-week membership. When you attend 3 classes per week for each of those weeks, we refund your money or let you put it towards a new membership here. That’s just three hours in the gym per week. You can do that!


  1. Access to any and all of the classes on our schedule so your attendance happens when is most convenient for you!

  2. 2 one-on-one sessions with one of our coaches. We’ll run you through the basics so you have a solid understanding of the movements we use as you’re starting out. Whether you’re nervous to try your first workout or are just looking to hone the details, these sessions will boost your confidence as you’re getting going.

  3. Individual nutrition coaching from a member of our team using the Precision Nutrition ProCoach app. We work with you to make changes that not only fuel your progress in the gym, but also won’t leave you feeling deprived! Taking small steps over the long-term is the best way to make real progress. Using our ProCoach service, you will:

    - Get a customized diet guide that is specific to your goals, preferences, and lifestyle

    - Learn how to adopt sustainable habits for the rest of your life

    - Get accountability, guidance, and understanding from our Certified Nutrition Coach

We see real changes in people in less time than 6 weeks when they dedicate themselves to making exercise a priority. So, this is our nudge to help you do the same! You’ll get stronger, faster, leaner, more confident, and learn new skills to take with you when your 6 weeks is over. Let’s do this!

THE NEXT 6-WEEK SESSION STARTS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th! Sessions are limited to 12 people, so grab a spot!