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Some days an intense workout is just what the doctor ordered, on others something less demanding is best. Whatever the case, we strive to change it up so you're not limited to the same routine every time you work out. Trial weeks are on the house and our memberships begin at $149 per month.

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Our Classes


These classes offer a combination of strength work, stamina training, and bodyweight skills to help you move your best! We keep our classes small so you get attention from a coach every time you’re in, each workout has 3 levels available so you always get the intensity that’s right for you, and class formats vary from day to day so you’re never stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Come see for yourself how we do it!

TwinTown Conditioning

“Conditioning” is about more than just being able to bike or run a long ways. If you’re looking to step up your endurance but need to switch up your current routine, this class will be a welcome change of pace.

We pair whole-body movements with minimal equipment and longer-format workouts so you get a thorough challenge without logging more and more miles!

TwinTown Control

As important as challenging your pace in a workout is, it’s not everything! Our Control classes round out the TwinTown offerings by taking the pace back a bit (there’s rest intervals built into each workout and recommended tempos for many of the movements), and by broadening the movement pool we draw from.

Learn new ways to move and continue to challenge what you’re capable of, get sweaty, and take on a challenging workout with a little less intensity! Control is open to all experience levels.


Each Foundations hour starts off by focusing on a specific skill (how to swing a kettlebell, how to lift a barbell, how to use a rowing machine, how to get better at pull-ups, etc.) and then finishes off with a conditioning-based workout where you put some of your new skills to work.

The Foundations hours are an opportunity to hone your skills in some of the basic movements we use, not a requirement for trying out any of our other offerings. Starting with a solid foundation goes a loooong ways.


Our Yoga program is restorative-based and designed to counter the challenge in our other classes (and LIFE!) by providing an opportunity to move your body without further taxing it. No yoga experience? No problem. Come to class a few minutes early so our staff can talk you through how to get the most out of the hour. Everyone starts somewhere—we're here to help!

TwinTown Mama

This is a class for women in a pre- or post-natal stage, and it will follow the workout of the day in our Conditioning class. Each movement and workout can be modified to meet the needs of the individual, the class is an hour long, kids are welcome, and Keela is coaching. Moms, come try this out!

One-on-One Coaching

Personal Training:

We'll design a program specifically for you and guide you every step of the way! Your program and training sessions will be set around your goals and to fit your schedule. 30-minute and 60-minute options available.

Skill Sessions:

Need help perfecting a skill? Our 30-minute skill sessions are designed to do just that! Let us know what you want help with and we'll go through the exact progressions you need to nail those tricky movements!

Nutrition Coaching:

Have no idea where to start? We'll sit down and come up with a sustainable plan that fits your lifestyle! Our nutrition coach will help you build some life-long habits to help you reach your goals as well as develop strategies that will help take the stress out of eating well.

Follow this link to book a session!


Barbell classes feature a warm-up to get you moving, instruction and drilling on what’s ahead, then a chance to move some dang weight. You'll get lots of coaching on the technical bits of lifting with precision from an experienced member of our staff, so you're never left in the dark. We recommend attending our other classes for at least a month before taking on a Barbell hour. Come lift!

Open Gym

Come use the gym! Want to work on a specific skill or take on a workout you missed this week? Open Gym is the place to do it. There’s a coach in every hour, so you always have someone to turn to with questions. Open gym hours do not count towards your weekly classes—take advantage!



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