Welcome to the Team, Chris!


Feeling like you're not getting enough Chris Massey in your life? Well, lucky you because Chris is joining the Twin Town coaching crew!  He's soon to be in the regular coaching rotation here, so come say hi and give him hell!  I put together a couple questions to help us all get to know him better. Even though he didn't admit that modern dance was his favorite high school class...  CHECK IT OUT! 


You have a history of running, lots and lots of running. Tell us a little more about that.

I discovered in 6th grade gym class while doing the classic mile run that I was pretty good at it. I then spent the next 10 years of my life running 1,000's (10,000's?) of miles. I loved the training aspect even more than the racing; putting in a big week, or a big couple of weeks, of workouts and seeing how much mileage my body could take was just irresistible. 


How'd you transition into CrossFit?

After completely burning myself out in college on running, I put all of my focus into graduate school and exercised very little for the next three years. Upon graduating I needed to find some path to exercising again that wasn't running but had the same community support. You convinced me to come to a "friends and family trial class" and from the moment we started warming up I knew I was hooked.


What workout do you grumble a bit to yourself, think about taking a rest day, then finally get your butt to the gym and do it? 

Heavy barbells intimidate me. When we have heavy squats, clean and jerks, or snatches in a workout I always worry; the intensity and focus you have to approach every rep with is something I'm trying to get better at.


You've got a special talent for straight up grinding at the gym.  What is going through your head when you're doing those burpees 100 mph?

My world gets very, very small. I stop thinking about what's happening after the workout, or even the rest of the workout and focus exclusively on the single rep I'm on, even at times breaking down the rep, "quick drop to the ground. Alright now you're down here- GET UP! Ok, now quick drop to the ground... etc." Losing yourself in movements is something I developed in running and is such a great feeling.


With all your accomplishments so far, we want to know what's been your most embarrassing moment at the gym?

I had a great pair of gym shorts that I wore often, often enough that they were wearing out but I thought they still had some life left in them. The fateful day's workout had many wall balls and dumbbell snatches, and while warming up the movements the back of my shorts split wide open. With every squat or snatch I could feel the shorts ripping more and more. Halfway through the workout I hear snickering behind me and there's a group of people who noticed. I threw those shorts away and have gotten much sturdier ones since.


What drives you to be a coach at Twin Town? 

I find such joy in pushing my body and moving efficiently that I want to bring that to everyone. I want to help people get the most of what their bodies are capable of and get a sense of achievement everyday.


Alright, let's get real.  What was your favorite and least favorite high school class and why? 

Least favorite was Spanish, I have always struggled learning new languages. Favorite was history, I loved reading all the stories of the past.


If you could go back in time and see or do anything, what would it be? 

If would be amazing to see geological formations form as in time lapse. So I would want to watch the Grand Canyon form and the Rocky Mountains rise up.


It's January, -10 degrees, and you have a boatload of money.  Where do you head to?

On a backpacking trip around the Mediterranean Sea.


What hobbies do you fill your free time with? 

I read quite a bit, most recently I'm reading The River Why. I also love good shows, The Master of None is probably my favorite. 


Finally, every one else has gotten this one. Favorite youtube video?!  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k-Dd71CqnM This video got my friends and I through the toughest times of grad school.


Photo by Richard Veytsman Photography