Move well. Train with intention.

Train with Intention



What We’re About

You can go to any gym and get a hard workout. We challenge our members to be better than blind effort, to prioritize quality in the way they work out, and to be intentional about their efforts in every class they attend.


Our value is not in churning out super-athletes. Instead, our goal is to push the members of our community to be the happiest, strongest, and most confident people they can be. Nothing we do here is without challenge, but we want our people to value being a capable person for a lifetime over only the gratification of success now.





We offer a variety of class types to help you step your game up.

Whether you’re looking to get after a tough workout, for some time to unwind in Yoga, or somewhere between the two, our classes are varied so you're never burned out or bored. Check the link below to read all about 'em!


Wanna Hang?


You don't have to be "in shape" to get started here - that's our job. You just need to start!


Send us a message and we'll set up a time to meet so you can see what we're all about! We offer a week of classes, on the house, so you can meet our staff and see what's so great about the people who work out here. We think you'll like it here!