Meet Coach Cat

How long have you been doing CrossFit for and what got you into it?
I have been doing CrossFit for almost 5 years now!! I have been a competitive athlete my whole life (minus maybe like ages 1-4. I was really into working on my coordination during those times). During my late 20′s I started doing a lot of races, which included 10k, half marathons, marathons, and triathlons. During the off season AKA below zero weather, I was constantly trying to find different forms of fitness to keep my mind and body active. A good friend of mine from college told me about CrossFit and to try a drop-in class at her gym. I absolutely fell in love with the sport from day one! The coach that taught class my first day seriously looked exactly like Chuck Norris. I still brag to this day that Chuck Norris taught me CrossFit.

If you could instantly see significant progress on three movements, what would you choose to improve?
Ring Muscle Ups, they haunt me in my sleep sometimes. Snatches, because my limbs are like that of a giraffe. And cardio movements, like biking and running. I want to be quicker! Like a prancing deer!

What’s the one workout element that you wish you would never have to do again?
V-ups. I am the worst at them! It’s like my legs and arms can’t figure it out! One of the two always seems to arrive late to the party at the top of the v-up.

What aspect of coaching is most appealing to you?
I love being able to help people advance in their fitness goals. Whether it’s to crush the workout of the day, push to get a new pr, or accomplish a movement that they have been working on, it seriously makes me so excited!!!! It also inspires me to push myself a little harder.

You had a pretty serious shoulder injury last year that would have put most people on the sidelines for some time. What did you do to push through that time to get to where you are now?
Injuries suck. It has that capability to set you back physically and mentally. For me, I did not allow myself to think I wasn’t able to be in the gym just because I was limited in my movements. I created ways to be able to exercise so I could still be moving, as well as exercise with my friends at the same time. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t have my times of absolute frustration. But with amazing support from a community like TwinTown, my family, friends and my partner in crime, Matt, I have been able to stay positive and patient during this recovery. So, keep moving, be patient with the process, and always remember that people are here to support you!

What was your favorite CD (yes, CD) in middle school?
TLC’s crazy sexy cool

Favorite YouTube clip, GO…
I could sing this song for days...

There is rumor circling the gym that you hate puppies. Is this true?!
Let’s be honest, I am most likely to be the one to steal your dog and then act like its my dog, and then when you question me, I will act like you are crazy person for even questioning me!! I seriously hug every dog I meet. You can’t take me anywhere.

We’ve been considering investing in some elliptical bikes for the gym. Would you be willing to try one out in a workout sometime?
I didn’t even know an elliptical bike was a thing. Heck ya I would!!! But only if we could find a rower that rows down the street, as well. I would like both movements.

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