Meet Coach Nia

The leaderboard tells us that you were an athletic person well before making your way to TwinTown. Where you big into sports growing up?
I LIVED for sports growing up! I was a competitive figure skater for 14 years, played soccer, ran track/cross country in high school and college, and tried many others along the way. Anything that didn’t involve hand-eye coordination, I was signed up for!

You’re one hell of a runner! What would you recommend to someone who’s looking to step their running game up?
First off, thank you!! I would tell them to try out a running group! There are tons of groups around the Twin Cities and it’s great to have extra motivation of running with people and having runs/workouts planned. A lot of the running groups mix it up with slow/long and short/fast so you can find your niche within both friends and running style! Some even have a few brews waiting for you at the end if that’s the final push to get you out the door! 

If you could choose to have one distinct impact as a coach, what would you choose?
**See YouTube video** GET. EXCITED.

But in all seriousness, if I had to choose one distinct impact, I would love for people to walk away from my class each time feeling like they had fun and found something positive within the hour, despite any frustration with progress!

Do you have any specific goals you’r working towards right now in the gym?
Oh man, I feel like I set a new goal every time I’m in there! My biggest goal right now is to be able to do all the push-ups and pull ups in Murph. That would be pretty cool!

What are you into when you’re not at the gym?
When I’m not at the gym, I love checking out new restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries/distilleries, watching Harry Potter, teaching 7th graders math, meeting up with running buddies, taking photographs, watching the Packers and Hawkeyes, and cooking with Nathaniel.

Favorite YouTube clip? We demand a good one!
Trust me. You need to watch it all- it only gets better and better!

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