The Open is Almost Here

Many of you have been around for the CrossFit Games Open in years past, but there are also a lot of new folks who have yet to give this series a shot. Sooooo, here are some basics on what you can expect in the coming month and a half as we make our way through this famed exercise monstrosity.

The Open is the 5-week, level-friendy qualifying process for the annual CrossFit Games (which just so happen to be taking place in Madison, WI this year!) You might be thinking that “all-levels” and “CrossFit Games” have no place in the same sentence, but this series of workouts is truly available to people of all experience levels and fitness abilities.

Beginning February 23, a workout is released each Thursday evening. We will be scheduling this workout as our WOD for each Friday throughout the Open so everyone gets a chance to do battle with what is sent our way. Once completed, you then have until Monday evening at 5:00pm to submit your score on the Games site (so, you can retry the workout as many times as your heart desires before submitting your score).

We’ve been taking on many of the previous year’s workouts over the past couple months, but you can check out the complete history here. Don’t let the thought of the competition scare you away though. The idea behind this process is that if you’ve been doing CrossFit, you’re prepared to take this challenge on. There is an RX, scaled, and several age group break-downs available for both men and women, and we’ve had people of all levels compete in past years.

What do you need to do to compete?
Show up to class each Friday from 2/24-3/24 and take the workout on with us. If you’re looking to see where you stand in the world (trust us, you do – you’re going to beat thousands of people!) you can sign up on the Games site and see where you stand after you enter your score each week.

I’ll be straight up with you that taking the Open on can be an intimidating feat. But, as anyone who has participated in the past will tell you, there’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment that comes with stepping up and giving these workouts some hell.

We need your support just like you’ll need ours. So, take a step into the uncomfortable and sign up for this thing!

A few schedule changes throughout the Open:
Our Friday morning classes (5:30, 6:30 and 11:00 am) will remain as they are now, but the evening will be run as a series of heats, as opposed to a traditional class format. Heats begin at 4:30 pm and we’ll have the gym open by 4:00 so you can show up early to get warm.

We’ll be hanging out at the gym each week after the workout to talk about how hard CrossFit is, strategize with the brave souls who are looking to retry the workout, and enjoy celebratory beverages and food. Come hang out!

In the twisted way that we all “enjoy” the workouts we put ourselves through each week, the Open really is a lot of fun. Get in touch with me or any of our other staff if you’re on the fence, or have questions about the process. We’d love to help you make this happen so you can look back on your experience the same way we do.