Meet Coach Brock

Let's talk about fitness. What sports have you played and what was your fitness life like before TwinTown? 
Something that most people don't know about me is that I'm a little competitive, so any sport, game, or anything that you can have a winner and a loser I will play. I competitively played hockey, football and golf in high school and continued playing Junior hockey afterwards. After Juniors and in college I would say that my fitness was pretty poor, until I found CrossFit.

What is one of your favorite workouts? What workout do you never, ever want to do again?
My favorite workouts are usually something that is quicker and you can go max effort on like "Fran" or "Grace" or something that includes a barbell. Workouts that I never want to do again usually include ring muscle ups... we don't see eye-to-eye.

Brock, some coaches (Matt) have commented that you don't touch your toes on V-ups. Can you share with us why you don't?
I would be willing to do a "straightest leg contest" for V-ups against both Matt and Peter in front of our entire membership base.

What's a funny story from your early CrossFit days?
I mentioned my competitiveness earlier and there was a long (seemingly never-ending) period of time where I could not do double unders. Often times I would be seen kicking my water bottle around the gym. One time I kicked it against the wall and it exploded and another time I kicked it into a chalk bucket. 

My second workout ever it took me an hour and a half to walk home (usually a slow 10 minute walk home) and when I arrived I signed to my wife to clear the way to the bathroom, where I went and puked my guts out.

What keeps you busy when you aren't working out, coaching or running the gym?
A very active two year old.

We know you are a youtube fanatic! Favorite youtube vid….3.2.1 GO!
Turn up the volume, turn down the lights and put it in full screen:

You were a member and a coach of TwinTown before you became an owner. What was it that made you want to own the gym?
Quite the loaded question but a few of the main reasons were: 1) Since childhood, I wanted to be a business owner 2) Growing up in athletics I have been drawn to CrossFit since day one 3) The real deal breaker was undoubtedly the members that I was surrounded by as an athlete, coach and employee. 

What about TwinTown makes you the most proud?
Our members have carved out a niche in CrossFit to use it as a vehicle to live a sustainable, healthy life and not so much of what you see on TV. Although we do get after it, we do so in a way where we do not compromise ourselves to do so.

We have all seen you eat before a workout, during a workout and immediately after a workout. What is your favorite splurge food?
The lame answer is pizza, but another would definitely be the "Korean BBQ Burrito" from World Street Kitchen- Try it!! You won't be disappointed.
What is your spirit animal and explain why you choose that animal.
My wife calls me a "Shark" because I can be really intense and won't stop until I get what I want. Worked really well when I was in sales and in CrossFit, but not always the best tactic in marriage.

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