New Class: TwinTown Mama


This is a class for women in a pre- or post-natal stage, and it’s design will follow the Conditioning class programming on Thursdays with a few distinct differences:

First, we will work as hard as the conditioning class, but programming will have available modifications to meet the body's needs through this unique, constantly changing life stage. 

Second, this is an hour format versus Conditioning's 45 minute framework to allow appropriate transition time for discussion, rest, or caretake for the littles, so...bring the babies, the toddlers, the kids! 

There is no postnatal "cut off" for a Mama to attend this class. If the discussions, modifications, and expanded transition time within this kid-friendly environment is what meets your needs, then you're in the right place!

In short, this class is a format with built in flexibility for what a Mama needs. It's a place to prioritize your wellness, be a model for health for your little one(s), and workout within a community of others with common experience.

I’ll be teaching this class on Sunday mornings from 11:00am-noon and would love to have you there!